It doesn’t matter what kind of day care you are looking for, whether its home based or an up and running professional facility, there are several things which should be kept in mind. The following tips would help you choose the right kind of child care facility in Coorparoo.

Tip for choosing a day care

  • Take a look at how the care givers interact with the children. This would help you get a fairly good idea of what your child is in for. Toddlers can be pretty temperamental and the way their tantrums are handled says a great deal about a care givers ability to help your child reach their full potential.
  • The care givers must be warm and friendly. They should be able to sooth a cranky child and also pay attention to those who are peacefully working on a different project. Often a small group attended by a care giver is the best option. The usual advised ratio is a care giver for every child under twenty four months of age.
  • Running a policy check is also a great way to getting to know how a day care facility works and whether it’s the right one for your child. Get to know their usual methods of disciplining or soothing a child when required. Are children allowed any sort of television time? Is it switched on all the time or used sparingly. Snacks and drinks for older children and any options for children who would like something else. At what time the children allowed to nap. Whether they have a backup plan in case a care giver isn’t present.

  • It doesn’t harm asking all these questions in fact these are expected by the admin at a day care centre. This helps put the parent mind at ease and allows them to make the right decision after they deliberate the pros and cons a certain facility is willing to offer them.
  • Just don’t rely on word of mouth referrals and testimonials. You need to do a bit of research on your own. You can even drop by unannounced and observe how things are progressing. However, not all child care facilities might allow an immediate visit but there are quite a few willing to accommodate parents and let them observe how the children are faring.
  • Once your child is enrolled in the day care facility make sure you keep talking to the care giver. Take daily reports of how your child is faring. Until your child learns to speak the only feedback you would receive is from the care giver.
  • If you feel there is any sort of problem, it is always better to talk about it then let it fester until it becomes major issue. Often smaller problems can be rectified immediately thus putting both you and your child at ease.
  • Keep yourself open to change. The policy might change or there might even be a different care giver. However accept these as a part of a normal routine and it won’t have a great deal of impact on your child.

For the best day care centre in Coorparoo, make sure you visit a registered organisation.